Community Overview


Columbus welcomes you to its world of wonder and Southern flavor!

Moving to Columbus is like moving in the direction of your dreams! If you ever imagined living in a home filled with charm, graced with flowers and rich in breathtaking views, you have finally arrived at the destination of your dreams! Columbus is a small, elegant town washed in the waves of history, somehow miraculously sheltered and preserved from the destruction sweeping the Southern States during the Civil War. It is exceptional and diverse, historical and modern. It was the home of Tennessee Williams, renowned playwright, and the temporary residence of legendary writer, Eudora Welty. It is the birthplace of the beloved national holiday, Memorial Day, which commemorated the heroism of both Union and Federal soldiers.

Somewhere among the richly ornate Antebellum homes, hidden behind the captivating Victorian architecture and the impressive new developments, you will discover the essence of this fascinating city. It is the heart of centuries-old memories which create a rich cultural heritage. It is the beauty of colorful azaleas and the scent of magnolia blossoms which perfume the air with rich fragrence. It is the spirit of hospitality and hopeful expectation, of passion and progress.

So what do YOU see on the horizon of your dreams? If you see a warm and quiet town veiled in mystery, you have imagined the Columbus of yesterday. If you see a chirpy and busy downtown filled with grace and dignity, you see the Columbus of today. If you see a growing and thriving community with daring economic plans for the future, you envision the Columbus of tomorrow. Moving to Columbus is like moving on the wings of time and arriving at a place where the past, present and future unite in glorious harmony! That symphony will be the story of your life!

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